What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

We had a small grease fire in our kitchen and because we have a completely open floor plan, it ruined so much more than I could have ever imagined. I was very surprised at how much they were able to restore. Our young children have blankies and stuffed friends, etc. Henry in the contents department made it his goal to return these special items in perfect condition, and he did. The team that came in to clean our home and tackle the contents did an outstanding job. Our kids are happy, our home smells fresh and you would never know. That is priceless to us. 

We had a very smokey electrical fire in our finished basement/family room. The smell was awful until SERVPRO came in and saved the day! You would NEVER know. My wife has a nose like a bloodhound and even she is impressed!

We woke up to discover our sump pump had shorted out and caused a small electrical fire. We had SERVPRO come out and they helped clean up and remove the odor it left behind. Very pleased with how quickly they had our house back in order.

Excellent customer service, they do a lot for the community and great to work with. Very hard workers

SERVPRO provided us with an emergency bag with toothpaste and toiletries along with some stuff for our kids to do. This really meant a lot to us in our time of need after the fire. Thank you so much! 5 star service!

A small electrical fire broke out in my house in the middle of the night and SERVPRO's emergency team came out very fast. Thank you for the prompt service!

I cannot say enough about the generosity and hard work from Rob Goslee. He went the extra mile by helping us with this job on the weekend after a busy work week. SERVPRO can always use me as a reference!! 

I am so amazed at the hard work and care received in the clean up process! All the men were great-thank you!