What our Customers say...

Community Testimonials

SERVPRO caters some events that I go to each year (delicious food). So while I have not formally used their services, I have met the owners and people who work for SERVPRO and they are truly the salt of the earth. If I ever needed a restoration company, I know the team at SERVPRO would be second to none.

I work for a fire department in another area and I just want to say thank you to SERVPRO for making community outreach and public health their priority. Especially during these difficult times, the world could use more companies like SERVPRO. 

I just wanted to thank SERVPRO of Upper Bucks for how much they are involved in our community. They are at every event and always have something specials for the kids.

The Upper Bucks community can't thank SERVPRO enough for their continuous commitment and generosity to serving our people, first responders and police.  During this COVID Crisis, they've picked up the food tabs for all police departments, they've provided volunteers at our Food Bank to help unload and sort almost 10,000 pounds of donated food, they donated a huge storage pod to house the overflow of food, and just are always there for us!  Big THUMBS UP to the owners and staff at SERVPRO of Upper Bucks!!!!

Thank you so much for the water cases donation to our fire department, we normally have to pay for them by pallet.