Water Damage Photo Gallery

Summit Hall at Drexel University

Unfortunately a sewer pipe broke in Summit Hall at Drexel University early this morning. It caused so much water damage that our crew said it was almost as if it was raining inside! We sent almost all of our crew members over to the hall today to start the remediation immediately.

Water Heater Leaks Ruining Hardwood Floors

This family's hot water heater broke recently and caused water damage to their hardwood floors. The discoloration from the water can clearly be seen. The hardwood ended up having to be removed.

Basement Pool Table Area Affected by Water

This water damage actually occurred due to a leaky pipe on the 3rd floor of this families home. The paint as you can see is sagging due to the dampness from the water.

Water from Heavy Rains Causes Flooding

This is the outside of a home that had water pouring in to their basement and home after very heavy rains. This picture shows how this storm impacted the outside of their house and their land.

Water Heater Leaks Affecting Family Home

One morning this summer a family discovered that their water heater had broken and caused water damage that affected many rooms in the home. The ceilings in most of the rooms too the most damage.

More Water in in Local Schools

Here is another picture at a local school of a water damage job our team took care of. The amount of water on the floor can be seen clearly but it was not a problem for our guys!

Water Damaged Basement

A picture of one of the water damage jobs we got called out to handle. As you can see there is quite a bit of water spread throughout the basement. Our team was able to get it restored in no time!

Plumber Mishap

Water Damage in Quakertown, PA

Unfortunately, sometimes the professionals we bring in to help fix our problems cause even bigger ones. This was exactly the case at a local assisted living facility in Quakertown, PA. In an attempt to fix some piping problems, a plumber wound up pulling an entire pipe down to catch himself during a fall form his ladder. This accident caused three floors of extensive water damage and residents of the facility to be displaced for 2-3 weeks. Luckily, the Upper Bucks team was there to help throughout the entire process.

Burst Pipe in Baker's Center

Water Damage in Philadelphia, PA

The crew packed up and headed to Philadelphia to join other SERVPRO teams in cleaning up a shopping center yet again effected by a burst pipe. Some of the stores had 6+ inches of standing water before our crews arrived. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this particular shopping center has been faced with this situation. Luckily for them, our SERVPRO teams responded quickly and efficiently to ensure the water was mitigated and content was removed to try and salvage anything and everything possible. 

Removing Flooring

Water Damage in Quakertown, PA

An old pipe burst causing total saturation throughout the first floor of this building. All flooring and tile had to be removed.