Cleaning Photo Gallery

cleaning a car

Car cleaning

Our crew chief Tom making this vehicle look as good as new! 

Ultrasonic Cleaning

We all understand your belongings are important to you. Let us help you get those cleaned following a disaster! Especially with smoke and soot damage, you want that cleaned well! This machine can clean anything: electronics, toys, tools, and more!

Our guys are here even in our office when we spill!

Our Manager of Marketing & Community Outreach, Mackenna, accidentally spilled her coffee in the office...oops!!! Have no fear, we have the specialists here! One of our technicians. Steve, came in and took care of the stain.

Thanks Steve!

Content Removal

Dumpster Full of Content

This loss the result of extensive water damage throughout several floors of an assisted living community. Many of the residents were displaced during SERVPRO's cleaning process and during this process we unfortunately realized that many of the contents were unsalvageable. Due to the size and amount of contents, SERVPRO of Upper Bucks brought out several of their own personal dumpsters to remove and haul content.